Papers Please

I came across an interesting indie game today called Papers Please. It’s a dystopian document thriller where you are an underpaid cold-war immigration inspector checking peoples passports and identity papers for discrepancies, As time goes on the requirements of what needs to be checked increasingly grows, and at the end of each day you need to budget your meagre wages, which is determined by how many people you process, towards food, heat, and medicine for your family. The game has some interesting scenarios to deal with, such as do you allow a pimp to go through who we know is going to kill some of his girls, when he had the right papers? There are some interesting dilemmas to deal with.

Copy drives

A mostly deaf friend asked me to help him today to transfer documents to another computer so that he can get rid of one of the machines, which sounds like an easy thing to help someone with but complications arise. Only few of the hard drives from one computer can be mounted in the machine, so the drive contents needs to be moved elsewhere before it can be used to transfer over what’s on the other machine. Then after copying things across I am asked about if the DVD drive can replace the CD drive in one that things are being moved to. After following up about that I discover that he’s intending to move everything to the oldest worst computer that he has, which is a big mistake. And so after explaining the situation with lots of hand gestures, everything has to be reversed so that the better machine is the one that we’re moving to instead.


While moving things across, other issues get delved in to as well such as which is the best free antivirus program to use. Is it AVG? Certainly not. AV-Comparatives has good details on real-world protection tests that shows AVG near the end of the list, and sadly that Microsoft Security Essentials is right near the bottom and best to be avoided. The better of the free antivirus programs now seems to be Avira.

These are the antivirus protection results for 2013 March-June

antivirus protection 2013 march-june

So, after having been there all day, the transfer of documents eventually starts to occur at around 8pm, and we finish up close to the approach of midnight.

DataTech testing

While waiting during the above for computers to do their thing, I brought out my laptop to carry on my work with this DataTech program, and managed to remove all of the unneeded files from a test build, and reduce the databased used for the test from around 50 to just 4. I’m just wanting the program to start up to the main menu at the moment, and so am removing and reducing everything as much as possible until a successful build using the Harbour MiniGUI can be achieved. It’s a time-consuming process, but it should eventually result in things being able to be compiled within a windows environment, instead of just the existing DOS-based one.