Laptop bag

While preparing for this afternoons entertainment, the zipper on the laptop bag finally failed and the zip stitching down one side was coming away, so given that it spends much of its outdoors time on the back of my scooter and I’m reluctant to have the contents fall out the side of the bag on our Christchurch streets, it was time to make arrangements for a replacement.

First stop was in to Northlands where I had purchased the bag just a few years before, and of course the store no longer exists. There was still though a games store who I knew wouldn’t have anything useful, but perhaps some intel might be gained from them about a suitable place to purchase one. After a brief chat with them though it became clear that they didn’t even know if Dick Smith or Noel Leemings was in the area, so it was on the road again to the Western side of the mall, where I espied a Noel Leemings off in the distance.

The kind cashier there politely listened to my tale about needing a replacement for the bag, and allowed me to load up several different ones with what I had from my old bag, before finding a nicely coloured messenger bag, with a nice dark red brick-like shade.

targus unofficial messenger bag

As a nice piece of synchronicity, my friend that I immediately headed off to see had just purchased a new laptop, and was happy to take ownership of the old bag and repair it up, remarking at the strangeness of how this confluence of events transpired.


After enjoying the usual latest episode of  Breaking Bad and one from The Sopranos, we saw Side Effects, A Little Bit Zombie, and The Call.

Side Effects is a Steven Soderbergh crime drama where a young woman takes some experimental medication that results in her sleepwalking and killing her husband. Jude Law is her psychiatrist who’s trying to unravel what’s going on, and he’s up against Catherine eta-Jones who is the patron of the experimental drug. What transpires is a dark quest as he tries to clear his name, and learn the truth behind the events.

A Little Bit Zombie is in the style of Evil Dead series about Steve, a mild-mannered HR chap who goes on a holiday the week his wedding with his betrothed,  her sister, and the sister’s boyfriend who reminds us of the Stiffler from American Pie. A zombie movie in a cabin in the woods with two guys and two girls – what could go wrong? In this case, Steve gets attacked by a zombie mosquito and due to his bond with the others, tries to resist the impacts of being a zombie. His soon-to-be wife is determined that this is not going to affect her plans for their wedding.

The conflict comes when a pair of zombie hunters come along in their mad-max inspired scooby-van, one where he’s a hard-bitten shotgun hunter and the other where she uses an ancient magic orb to help track them down, where she wants to save him so a serum of his resistance can be used, while her partner tries to go about killing him.

The movie is only occasionally let down by over-long solo performances where for example Steve attempts to build up the courage to attack someone for their brains, but given that this is the first movie to have been funded entirely through crowd-sourced funding, it’s a remarkable achievement and is well worth enjoying.

The last movie was The Call which is a Halle Berry movie, where she is a 911 operator who becomes involved in the kidnapping of a teenage girl, by someone who she learns is responsible for a previous kidnapping that earlier strongly affected her. It’s an interesting movie that has the best production values of the three that were seen today, but later on into the film our suspension of belief is called into question when she personally heads out and personally goes on the hunt for the kidnapper herself.