Who needs databases?

Today resulted in me eventually removing they need for 50 different databases from a test version of DataLink, for the purposes of testing with the windows build. With that simplification dealt with, I can finally focus on why the attempt to build using the Harbour minigui is having issues. It may be due to the strange way that the Main function is used. I’ll have to see how things go tomorrow.

Out with the old, in with the newer

When connecting up an old computer for the Te Whare Roimata office on Worcester Street, it had some display corruption regardless of whether different monitors were used, so it was a good opportunity to bring out a separate computer that last week was donated to us. After connecting it to the Internet and removing the old user account from it, updates were steadily made to it throughout the day. Fortunately due to the post from a few days ago about antivirus programs, we had a good source from which to find to that Avast is the better free antivirus program to use.

About the only issue with setting it up was that an old LPT printer was wanting to be used with it, so it was off at the end of the day to Molten Media for a parallel interface card to install in the computer.


I found a pen in my pocket today that shouldn’t have been there, due to it coming from someone else the night before. We were out front of his property lying in wait for a rogue scooter with no muffler that can be heard for several minutes and keeps people awake. We could capture the poor beast and put it out of its misery, or alternatively we could record its details and radio them on to others for further assistance.

Since we are good neighbourhood citizens who consider the self above the law of mob rule, the latter became our chosen course of action. Sadly though, he was delayed on his arrival so when we retired to finish up with an episode of Monk, he came on past rattling the crockery with his presence.

I still have his pen here with me now though, so given that the pen loops in my new laptop bag were being admired, it is going to be well cared for in a pen loop until said pen can make its way back to its owner. Sometimes I think that we care too much about such things, but with the influence of Adrian Monk at our heels, anything less appears to be insufficient.