Clinical trial

It was in to the CCST early this morning for my bi-weekly checkup and blood tests, and I’m about halfway through 12-week treatment. I managed to drop one of the pill bottles in the weekend at someone’s place that has tons of nooks and crannies, and it seems that I managed to retrieve all of them because the remaining pill count is what it is expected to be, phew. The doctor the last time hadn’t noted down details about the meds that I had been given for the ingrown toenail, and want to record them so I’ll have to call them back later on with such details.

LPT printer

Getting the old printer to go had been quite the challenge. The printer itself works, as a self-test proves, but getting the LPT port working has been troublesome. It seems that the port that we obtained from Molten Media yesterday isn’t even recognised by the computer, so a phone call to ask if we can bring it back with the machine for testing, and to perhaps try a different one had been met with agreement.

At the end of the day after waiting for windows updates to complete, I take the computer in and it’s confirmed that a replacement LPT port works fine, so we may be able to make good use of that tomorrow. When I return the computer though and give the port some final testing before heading off for dinner, it seems that there is now going to be a configuration nightmare in setting up settings such as IRQ, ECC and FIFO so that the computer and printer can successfully talk with each other.

When looking looking in the printer manual I discover that it also has a USB connection. Why did I not know of that before! This is the easiest solution – and all we need now is a USB printer cable to get things working right away, instead of faffing about with LPT settings. I should be able to dig up a spare one at home to donate towards the cause.

Board games

While waiting for windows update to occur I find that it’s a good time to explore more about this Firefly board game (boardgamegeek, rulebook)

Then later on this evening, I had a couple of good games of Go where my opponent tried to catch me in a ladder, but they didn’t look ahead far enough for ladder breakers, resulting in me having a nice solid wall and them having tons of cutting points.