It was a busy day today, which began with an early morning Molten Media visit to return one last part of the old printer port before heading back to open the community centre to get the printer working. With a spare USB printer cable from home the printer is now working in top condition.

Windows updates

Now that the printer issue is resolved, I can carry on with windows updates such as the a vista security pack, and after that a whole slew of 69 security updates. But, after restarting the computer we get. Blue screen of death about Bad_Pool_Caller. Why is that occurring? What is it related to? Is it video drivers, some antivirus conflict, the new printer port? The day is gone and I’ll find out tomorrow.


While waiting for the updates to occur it’s a good opportunity to install Amorak which took my net rest while on Linux, and now has a Windows distribution. What I like about it is that it makes it easy to explore your music collection in different ways, and has some nice playlist features that let you easily play it by album, or genre, shuffled in different ways, etc.

Harbour backups

After simplifying the Clipper code I’ve managed to reduce things to the point where the windows program can successfully compile, which will be good to show at this afternoons meeting with John.But, I then move on to attempting the same thing with the full set of code and in the process accidentally destroy the previous working version that I had. With only a few hours to spare and not enough time to do the simplifying that has been done over the past week, it’s crunch time and I need to try and accomplish the same thing from last weeks backup, in just a few hours, before our meeting.

In these tense moments I learn that the laptop trackpad is not a suitable replacement for the mouse when rapid work needs to be done, especially when the windows interface doesn’t allow for easy keyboard navigation. But after a few intense hours of focused work I manage to pull enough things together to let me demonstrate a few things. And am important lesson is learned. Think a bit more deeply before starting a new project, and always keep backups.