A new resolve

Due to my being straight-forward and honest with John yesterday, he wasn’t too happy with things initially, but after a bit of time he came to realise that my efforts are all entirely unpaid, and are headed in a good direction. I do though still want to be careful that I don’t get too closely tied in to things, because he was wanting me to create a company for the both of us with what seems to be dodgy intentions – I can’t say for sure though so it’s best that I stay out of that side of things.


For some reason – this DIlbert approach instead seems to be much more appealing.



Tonight was a celebration of all things Indian and bollywood, with a lovely lamb korma and all sorts of other interesting foods that I wish I knew the names of. I did feel desperately underdressed though due to not having taken the time to find suitable apparel – the women were gorgeous in their finery and some of the guys such as Troy did a greet job of dressing up for the occasion too.

The movie that was shown afterwards is a recent bollywood film called 3 Idiots which revolve around three college friends and a bet with a businessman at the end of college to return and find out how successful they had been. This leads us nicely in to a series of long flashbacks of their days at the engineering college where Rancho, a pixie-like free spirit butts heads with their professor, a lisping buffon of a character. Conflict occurs frequently as Rancho challenges the status quo, and causes trouble with the professors daughter. I don’t think that I could recount all of the major plot points here because it is such a long Indian movie, but it’s highly enjoyable throughout and towards the end they go on a quest to learn what happened with Rancho. Aamir Khan does a great job with his Rancho character, and I want to look further now in to other works that he’s done, such as the psychological thriller Ghajini which seems to follow a similar plot to that of Memento.