After the board games evening where the drawstring of the Perudo bag falls apart more easily than a single piece of cotton thread, I returned when in the area today with a spare drawstring that I noticed was sitting around at home. I also offered to repair it myself for them if I could borrow it for the week, which they seemed to be appreciative of too. I may even be able to introduce some people to it over the course of the week – we’ll see.


I was introduced today to the Logitech wireless remote touchpad which is a nice device to use for controlling your laptop from a distance. When the laptop has Windows 8 on there the touchpad has some nice gestures to make the most of the Windows 8 interface too. It looks like this is going to be well used to control the laptop from a distance for when using it to play movies on the telly too.


The movies that were watched today were Evil Dead, The Great Gatsby, and Stand Up Guys. Evil Dead is a modern take on the original cheesy version, this modern one taking things much more seriously. If it weren’t for our knowledge of the original series where comparisons are impossible to avoid, it’s everything that a modern horror movie should be. This one is about a drug-addicted Mia who goes to a cabin in the woods with her friends to help her go cold turkey. Things go wrong though Eric discovers in the basement the barb-wire wrapped Book of the Dead, While reading it he unintentionally awakens the demon who possesses them one by one. Meanwhile, Mia has had it with the intervention and tries to escape through the woods only to become possessed. It’s a clever setup for when she returns her friends dismiss her ramblings about what happened in the forest as druggie hallucinations. I’m glad too to have stuck around for the post-credits bonus scene too, which I won’t reveal here but here’s a link to the Evil Dead after-credits.

The Great Gatsby I can’t compare to the novel for it is something I haven’t yet read, but it was a Baz Luhrmann spectacle worthy to behold, but ultimately seems to be off-note due to romantic conflicts emotions being more appropriate to people in their mid 20’s, instead of as portrayed by actors closer to their 40’s. As the story goes on we find out that it has many themes relating to artifice. Gatsby is an ex-WW1 soldier from a poor family who falls in love, and promises to return to her when he has made his millions. We’re initially not sure of where his millions come from but he puts on amazing weekend galas hoping to attract his love to them. Gatsby doesn’t want to go to her directly and instead wants her to discover him on her own right, so he sends out an invite to Carraway the narrator, because he knows the girl. What follows is a love triangle between Gatsby and her husband that comes to a hot-headed conclusion.

Stand Up Guys is the best movie that we saw. It’s about Al Pacino and Christopher Walken, two old gangsters, Pacino who is just out of prison after 28 years, and Walken who has been looking after him, all the while with Walken knowing that he has been ordered to kill Pacino when he gets out. Much of the movie is about their last night together with a sub-plot around Walken’s granddaughter. It’s a wonderfully artistic movie and despite the morbid topic, was more enjoyable to watch than the Gatsby movie. It’s quite the work of art that is well worth keeping for later viewing.