As this is the first Monday of the month it’s time for me to spend some of the morning with Te Whare Roimata in a Waiata practice session. It’s there that I learn that this following Monday we are going to be putting on a performance! I have the names of the songs at least, such as Te Hokinga MaiAnei ra te WhanauPurea NeiWhakarongo. Now to figure out how to practice them in time for next week.

New laptop

It seems that Nicky has got herself a new old laptop, a Presario 2200 with no wireless internet connection and only 256MB of ram. She met up with her estranged father recently for fathers day and was grateful to accept the laptop from him, but and as he has similar ADHD tendencies as her she wants to do everything in her power to prevent him from find her and dominating her time, for he apparently will just hang around like a bad smell. But aside from that, the laptop seems to be otherwise in decent shape and with some memory that I can acquire for her from Molten Media it will be working at a decent clip.

Scooter on the run

It seems that the incredibly loud unmuffled scooter rider with no safety features such as mirrors as been brought to task. He was known to have a attitude of wanting to deliberately annoy as many people as possible. His vehicle was so loud that it could easily be heard for several minutes at a time, keeping everyone up at night. His vehicle has not been heard of for close to a week now, so it seems that reports about his activities may have been effective. This is last known image of him and his naughty scooter, and everyone along his route are greatly relieved that the tremendous noise has ceased.