Computer fixes

Today’s small business course has been postponed until next month, so instead of doing that I’m working on computers again today. The community centre office computer doesn’t want to start up, which after tediously rebooting in and out of safe-mode I learn is due to a windows service called LightScribe, which apparently lets a fancy DVD burner create fancy top-surface image and writing directly on the cd itself. That service can easily be removed until a fix can be found for it at some later stage.

Nicky’s old laptop was also seen to, which now has 1 gig, 4 times the memory that it used to have. I’ll double that to the requested 2 gigs when Molten Media gets some in too. The laptop is much faster now than it used to be, taking only 40 seconds to load up Bejeweled 3 instead of the 110 seconds that it was before the memory upgrade.


In a dystopian near-future of Earth, Elysium is a satellite space station that the rich have escaped to so that they can live their lives free of the pollution and problems of planet Earth, Up in Elysium they have med-bays that are capable of easily curing people, so it’s a target for refugees who want to try and cure their child of a life-long disease. Matt Damon used to be a car thief but now wants to lead a better life, and he works at a factory that makes robots that are used to police the city. Something goes wrong and he ends up receiving a lethal dose of radiation and will die in 5 days, unless he can make it up to Elysium.

The special effects are of course top-notch as the film comes from Neill Blomkamp, and the weaponry is creative and effective. It’s not subtle about its commentary on a range of environmental, social, and political issues, but despite that and the dystopic tone throughout it makes for enjoyable popcorn fare.