iPad repairs

A disaster has recently befallen my much beloved iPad, where it dropped on to a concrete floor and the corner took much of the impact. This is really going to affect the resale price when I plan to onsell it after getting an upgrade. So, it’s repair time.

I’ve made plans with someone via TradeMe to repair the screen for $150. It’s a good deal because if I were to buy the equipment separately it would be $140 for just the screen itself and then there is the other equipment I would need too that I don’t currently have. So even though it would be possible to me to repair it myself, especially with the aid of good screen replacement tutorial videos – it’s cheaper and more effective to have someone else do the work for me instead. So tomorrow before heading off to Oxford for a few days I’ll drop it off to Mount Pleasant and it should be ready for me by the time I return.


Meanwhile, what with today’s weather being quite abominable and pouring down throughout much of the day, it’s a good time to cancel extensive scootering plans out to South New Brighton and to instead load up Nicky’s laptop full of ebooks, while getting some other programming work done.

Her poor old laptop is I reckon going to have a heart-attack when it tries to load up just the list of books in Calibre but it makes it nice and easy to manage your books and transfer them to different ebook-reading devices, so after her machine finishes unpacking things we’ll see how it handles.