iPad repairs

This morning when my father arrived from Oxford, we took the iPad around to Mount Pleasant so that repairs could be made. When returning morning tea was had at Vic’s Bakehouse in Ferrymead, which serves up a great range to choose from.

Oxford emails

Out in Oxford I find that my parents cannot send email. Receiving email is fine, it’s just sending that’s causing trouble. They have a Paradise.Net email account but while out in oxford they need to use a different ISP called Scorch to access the internet. Looking deeper in to the issue I find that attempts to send email are blocked by paradise with a 530 error message, which is commonly used when relaying is not allowed. Apparently Paradise object to emails being sent via them from sources outside of their network. That’s reasonable from a security perspective, but it doesn’t help my parents.

Attempts to contact technical support via Vodafone were met with confusion. Paradise.Net accounts were taken over by TelstraClear, who in turn have been taken over by Vodafone, so Paradise issues seem to be so rarely dealt with there that they have to pass our contact details on to a specialized technician who deals with Paradise issues and call us back in a couple of working days.

Fortunately, we may not need such assistance after all, for a good solution can be obtained thanks to gmail instead. We can enable the POP3 service on their gmail account and setup Outlook Express to send emails via that account, while still having emails be retrieved from the Paradise one. After a bit of testing and enabling an appropriate amount of sending authentication, everything is now working well.

Television aspect ratio

The other thing to be sorted out was their tv/sky setup. The display was slightly narrowed at the sides. It wasn’t as bad as if it were 4:3, but it was still annoying for them. Fortunately this was as easy as telling their tv to stop using a 14:9 ratio and to instead use 16:9, resulting in the correct full usage of their tv screen, and pleasingly at the correct aspect ratio too. It’s being broadcast from their decoder as 16:9, and the tv is showing it as 16:9, on a 16:9 screen. All is well. There are no more issues now with viewing short munchkins (4:3 stretched to fit 16:9) or tall elves (16:9 squashed to be viewed as 4:3).


Lastly with mysky hdi we tweak things by telling recordings to automatically add 5 minutes before and after a set recording time and the technical issues out here are all nicely dealt with.