Finishing up in Oxford

Come the morning we confirm that when the unit is turned off that no recording is made, which make sense, but since my parents like to turn it off when they’re not using it, had to be confirmed.

Much of the day though was spent on finishing up plans for the replacement house my parents are working on. It has to be within the same square footage as their existing place, so all things considered it’s coming along well.

floor plan for Arrow - overview floor plan for Arrow - overview with scissor roof and long run steel

Sister issues

On the way back to Christchurch we stop off at my sisters place on the milk farm she’s working at, due to her computer being slow and throwing up lots of annoying adverts. WHat with two kids there installing everything under the sun, vast amounts of crapware was on the machine including iMesh which is notorious for dumping ads into web pages as you browse the internet. After some cleaning up by killing off several tasks and uninstalling lots of annoying programs, we left leaving Malwarebytes to scan for any further issues which dad will finish up when on his return.

The new(ish) iPad

This has been a busy week for the ipad repairs. Monday it broke, Tuesday plans were made for repairs, Wednesday it was paid for, Thursday it went in for repairs, and now today on Friday it’s all ready to go and is now good as new. If I can hold off on busting it further then it’ll be able to make it over to Nicky when I eventually get the new one. Apple’s are holding a special event on September 10 to release the new iphone, which is also when we’re hoping for news of the new ipad and all going well, there should be a NZ release of it by the end of the month. Not that I’m keen to get rid of my existing one, but I plan to be involved from the start now instead of holding off for as long as I previously have.