Harbour success

Efforts the other day to get this old DOS DataLink program compiling on WIndows so that it can run in Windows 8 were going well, and came to a good conclusion today. Fortunately, some issues were nicely resolved by using the Harbour build.bat command so that issues were more easily seen than when using the GUI, and thanks the large number of configuration options for the GUI combined with a vast number of compile-time options for when things are compiling, it take a while to get your head around but acter exploring things for a while we can now get the code working with Harbour while still ensuring that the same code can still be successfully built using the older Clipper.

This afternoon it was around to John’s to take him through the 10-point conversion process, which involves things like letting go of deprecated procedure calling techniques and a little bit of restructuring so that needed customisations for different businesses can still occur but within the framework of functions. By the end of things we had a program that compiles with Harbour and runs on windows, including WIndows 8 which is what was needed, and the same code compiles in the older Clipper and runs without change on everything else that isn’t Windows 8 too. So now that the initial exploration has borne fruit, further exploration can occur from here.

Crimes and Misdemeanors

Tonight’s Crime and Misdemeanors DVD was held in Bishopdale at a house where the owner maintain a a love for vinyl and lots of other older-style gear such as half-helmet and goggles for his powerbike. The DVD is a Woody Allen affair that consists of two different intertwined stories. One about Martin Landau as an ophthalmologist whose mistress is getting out of hand so against his religious upbringing, pays his brother to have someone get rid of the problem. Woody Allen portrays a completely separate story of a small-time movie maker who films meaningful small pieces, and his brother-in-law offers him a well-paying filming job to autobiography himself, but Woody can’t help but to subvert things by filming the truth of his philandering. Both stories are interesting in their own right, but it really comes together at the end well when a soiree brings the opthamologist and the movie maker together.