On Friday the resource centre that I do work for contacted me while I was out in Oxford about issues they were having with a password prompt regularly appearing. This morning I was able to head in to find out what the issue was, and saw that it kept on appearing when checking for new emails. After updating the email settings from Yahoo to Xtra the problem seemed to be resolved, but after chatting about a few things we aw it come back again.

Digging deeper I find that Telecom have information about an email outage that is currently affecting some customers, and that you can temporarily check your emails via the website instead if normal access is a problem.

This makes good sense. The problem started when no change had been made to the office computer, and so a temporary outage from Xtra just needs to be put up with. A more permanent solution would be to instead use a business email account if they want a more guaranteed service from Xtra, instead of the existing personal email that they are using, but that will require them to decide if the additional business cost is worth it.


The books being unpacked on to Nicky’s laptop has been successful, so now plenty of organisation can occur as decisions about what to put on the Kindle occur. At least she’s having fun with it, but she’s finding that the laptop is not convenient to have with her all the time, and that the Kindle is no good for reading at night due to its non-illuminated screen, so the iPad she is still eagerly waiting for. Fortunately it’s in top nick once again now after being repaired last week.