The community office has acquired a new office copier/scanner/printer, which is quite the business-like device.  Half the morning was spent setting it up, which wasn’t helped by a dicky mouse button. Eventually the inability to easily click on things gets to me though and it’s taken part for a bit of a clean which fixes the problems it was having.

Volume normalisation

The old spare computer in the communal area that plays music keeps on needing to have its volume adjusted as loud songs lead in to quiet ones, so some form of volume normalisation needs to occur. Typically this can be done from the audio playback devices area, this computer doesn’t have a working sound card. Instead a USB adaptor is used which results in only one of the stereo channels working. So, some different music players have been investigated. Among ones such as VLC Media Player which has been a favourite, Amarok which has a brilliant interface, and Foobar 2000 which has the amazing ReplayGain feature. This is where songs or entire albums can be individually normalised just by adding a piece of metadata to each song’s ID tag, so that the volume automatically adjusts when each new song starts so that a consistent volume can be maintained.

A next thing to work on now is in terms of fixing the busted audio of the computer. Having just the one audio channel grates like fingernails on the blackboard when you have songs that make good use of stereo.

Poking eyes at Go

The one-time leader of the Christchurch Go Club, Mr Loo-chi Hu passed away last week after a good innings of 89 years. So it seems somehow appropriate that my games tonight involved me preventing my opponent from forming eyes which are vital for groups to live, by playing eye-stealing tesuji’s. After all as Bill commonly claims, “The best way to prevent your opponent from getting two eyes is to stop him from making one eye.”