Memory issues

With the office printer the scanner is the next thing to be set up. The scanner device is not accepting the provided or updated scanner drivers. The trouble is that attempts to resolve this result in hours being wasted due a lack of computer memory resulting in troubleshooting techniques taking over an hour, instead of what would on other machines just take 5 minutes. Boosting things from 1 gig of ram to 4 gigs is going to result in a major benefit not only for troubleshooting, but for the office itself. So while my sanity wanes I’ll be awaiting the decision on the memory for the computer.

Multislot card reader

Last night after the Taiwan show when having a cuppa at Felix’s, he asks me if I might have any use for a packaged multislot card reader. Because he’s profoundly deaf he tends to receive lots of goods to help him out. Just by happenstance, Nicky was saying earlier that very day about how she could do with one – so it’s a nice piece of synchronicity that one is provided clear out of the blue, without either person being aware of things. When I pass it over today though it seems that she had already headed out and obtained something similar for herself. Gladly though I’ll be able to make good use of it with the camera, so the potentially beneficial situation had been foiled by the preparation of others but will still be of some good use.

Multiple sets of code

Around at John’s with his DataTech program I find that he’s prepared a separate set of code for compilation on Windows using Harbour. When I ask if he wants to maintain multiple sets of code or if he would prefer it if everything could be done from the one set of code, obviously he would prefer the latter. So I set to and apply some coding techniques that will allow that to occur. The main issue is that some of his older Clipper code is running outside of functions, which results in them being given a default name of the filename itself. That’s something that’s easy to fix, and after resolving a final issue by using an init procedure, things are good to go.

We now have one set of code that compiles and works with the DOS-based Clipper which works on Windows up to Windows 7, and the same code also now compiles using Harbour which results in the program working on all versions of Windows including Windows 8. He’s now taking quite a liking to Harbour so the usage of Clipper may eventually fade out, but this is a transition that seems to be good to make for the longevity of this ancient old DOS business management program.

Blue Jasmine

Tonight we went to see a new Woody Allen movie called Blue Jasmine (2013) which is primarily about a neurotic New York socialite called Jasmine (Cate Blanchett) who has fallen on hard times. Her financier husband has been jailed and she’s moved in with her blue-collar sister Ginger (Sally Hawkins) in San Francisco, and has a hard time adjusting to her new lifestyle. As events transpire we get flashbacks to better times before, when Jasmine was with her husband. As interesting too is the depth between Ginger and Augie (Andrew Dice Clay) her boyfriend.

At one stage when Ginger falls for someone else, Augie has something of a breakdown at the grocery store where she works, resulting in an interesting discomfort as she’s trying to deal with it with her manager watching on, which is where we find one of my favourite moments in the movie when he’s asked “Would you like a seat in my office?”, and calming down responds “No, but I appreciate it anyway.”

It’s a good tale contrasting the differences between two types of people, which is a type of story that Woody Allen seems to prefer. The woes and misfortunes of Jasmine are typically brought on by herself and her blithe passage through life, and the final reveal at the end about how things ended between Jasmine and her husband provides a satisfying conclusion to things.