Self checkout

A friend was sharing with me some trouble that occurred to him recently at the self-checkout of the supermarket. While he was still using it, not even having paid for his items yet, some lady came up and began jostling and unloading her stuff on to his station while he was still trying to pack his things away and pay for his items.

It is not appropriate to invade someone’s space when they are still busy at their station. It doesn’t matter how busy or self-important someone thinks they are – there is no social justification for starting to unload when someone else is still at that station and hasn’t even paid for their items yet. This is something that has also occasionally happened to me, and it’s just not right.

On future occasions I am going to take action. For example, I have the option to remove my items from the station that I have not yet paid for, and politely wait for another station to become available while enjoying the problems that the person has created for themself when they attempt to buy their items with my items listed on there too. One of two things are likely to happen. They may get all angry and upset about the situation they have put themself in to, or they may blithely carry on and pay for my items too. Either way it promises to be more entertaining than things promised earlier to be.



Epic (2013) was a fun animated cartoon from the makers of Ice Age (2000). Epic is about a teenage girl who’s trying to reconnect with her estranged absent-minded professor father. He think that there are miniature folk living in the woods, and despite using lots of technology, is having a hard time coming up with conclusive proof. After she runs away she gets shrunk down when she comes across the dying diminutive queen of the forest, and learns that there is a battle raging in the forest between two different forces. The leaf men in the living part of the forest and the boggins who are the forces of decay – and that the dying queen has asked for her to help save the forest.

Overall it’s an enjoyable movie and there’s good chemistry between a nice comedy duo of a snail and a slug. The professor’s pet dog is delightfully stupid too, and leaves me with many hints that perhaps the writers are aware of what The Oatmeal has depicted about his own dog.

As a brief diversion, The Oatmeal has some delightfully enjoyable cartoons  about dogs, such as:


Later on we started Ghajini (2008) which is a somewhat serious Indian movie that follows the same plot as Memento (2000), but on seeing that it’s likely to be quit a marathon at more than 3 hours, more enjoyable fare was found in a movie called Mama instead.

Mama (2013) is a Guillermo del Toro horror about two tiny girls who end up abandoned in a cabin in the woods and are fed and protected by a bleakly terrifying spirit whom they call mama. A search funded by their uncle finds them after five years, the feral girls are investigated by a psychologist, and they move in (along with the spiritual mama) with their uncle and his hipster musician girlfriend, who is not yet ready to be a mother figure.

All the scares in this movie are genuine – there are no fake-outs with it just being the cat behind the sofa, and we get plenty of time to enjoy learning and understanding more about mama and her tortured soul. She’s quite powerful too in a Japanese-horror kind of way, so half the battle is in figuring out just how to survive against such a powerful creature. While dark in tone, we’re emotionally invested and care about the characters and what happens to them, and makes for an enjoyably satisfying end to things.

Yahoo groups bookmarklet 

Recently Yahoo Groups have implemented a new interface that results in you no longer being able to easily access the full-quality version of a photo from their photo gallery.

I have created a bookmarklet that lets you get the full quality photo, which when you click on it will open a new window that contains the full quality image for you, so that you can then save that photo for later use.

javascript: var images = document.getElementsByTagName('img');
for (var i = 0; i < images.length; i++) {
    if (images[i].getAttribute('data-size-id') === "display" && images[i].className.indexOf('loaded') > -1) {[i].src);

I have created a bookmarklet for easy sharing which can be found at open full-size version of a Yahoo Groups photo, which provides you with an easy way to add a bookmarklet, where you can drag a bookmarklet from their page to your bookmarks toolbar to easily add it there. Rename the bookmark to something short and useful such as Yahoo Photo and you’re all set to go.