Community coding

I was trying to get some writing work done at the community centre today but found that it’s not all that possible. It’s something that takes concentration and thought which can’t be done all that well when some people are trying to hold a conversation with you. But, I’ve found that I can do mindless programming tasks such as fixing up the indentation of DataTech code so that Sublime Text can automatically figure out the correct amount of indentation to use for each file. That’s a task that I’ll make good use of tomorrow.

So instead of working on some writing to explain all about some JavaScript code, much of this afternoon was spent getting the laptop setup to use Sublime Text for editing JavaScript. There’s a nice Linter package that automatically checks your code for issues and underlines any issues that it finds in the code. Because I’m using the bleeding edge version 3 of Sublime Text though, many things aren’t available via the package control system that it has, so a manual installation needs to occur instead from the Linter’s sublime-text-3 branch.

When linting JavaScript though you also need nodejs installed, and the linter itself is initially setup to use JSHint which is somewhat soft and wimpy. I much prefer to use Douglas Crockford’s JSLint instead, so it’s off to:

Preferences -> Package Settings -> Sublime Linter -> Settings – Default

where the following change is made so that JSLint is used instead.

// JavaScript linter: "gjslint" to use the closure javascript linter (if available),
 // or either "jshint" or "jslint" to use a built in linter.
 "javascript_linter": "jslint",

After this, it’s then just a matter of installing EasyPHP on the laptop to help Google Chrome with making some local ajax requests in regard to what I’ll be coding, and I’m all set for getting some JavaScript development happening on there.

Wireless laptop

Someone at the community centre was wanting me to help them figure out whether their newly acquired ancient laptop has wifi capability. A rapid search for their model shows that it doesn’t, but it’s possible for it to still do so with the addition of a cheap wifi adaptor. I was explaining to him too that I either charge full price for my work or nothing at all. I’m of the opinion that it’s better to do that than to undercut your rate. Because once you start going lower you have problems with not only devaluing your own work, but a gradual decline also occurs as people attempt to go even lower than that. So all or nothing (aka, volunteer work) is a better option than less or nothing.

Emailing photos

Later in the afternoon it was around to the home of Des who’s the head of the food co-op organisation. There were some issues when sending large zips of images to people, so after some education occurred about a 10 megabyte size limit that tends to apply to emails, and other such work such as helping him to secure his system from others who occasionally use it too via the use of a Guest account on his machine, things are good to go.

Pub quiz

We’re told tonight that it’s the final of the jackpot quiz at the end of the evening, which hasn’t been won for over a year now, and a new team that we haven’t seen before started tonight who didn’t rank very well in the results, but won the jackpot quiz. I suspect that some back-room mechanics may be going on there because it’s too much of a coincidence, but the benefit of doubt really should be given their way instead. We’ll see if they continue to participate throughout the forthcoming months, or if they only intended to turn up for the jackpot final that nobody was advised about until later in the evening.