Food co-op tempers rise, old computer doesn’t want to print, and Felix’s wontons fail to make it to their intended destination.

Food co-op

This morning at the food co-op tempers were a bit high today. The nectarines that arrived were rather bad, the expected carrots didn’t arrive, and there wasn’t as much celery.

As a result the girls ended up throwing out a few bins full of nectarines, the celery had to be broken down to a smaller amount of weight so that it could be spread around all the food parcels, and plans have to be made to supply more next week in the way of veges to make up for the lack thereof this time around. Next week can only be an improvement on what happened today.

Vista issue

The office printer at the community centre didn’t want to print today, which was narrowed down to a problem with the vista computer itself.

After calling through to the helpdesk for the printer, they come in through a remote connection to check things out and confirm that there is certainly a problem. After they finish I check to see how things work with the printer and my laptop, and everything works fine.

It’s something about the VIsta operating system on the office machine that’s causing the problem. For some reason it just doesn’t want to detect the printer and instead in the Device Manager shows it as an unknown USB device. Tomorrow I’ll remove all that it knows about the printer and see how things go from there. Failing that I may have to reinstall Vista. I didn’t initially install it when the second-hand computer was donated to the centre, and instead just cleaned out what I could, so that might end up coming back to haunt us. I’ll find out tomorrow.

Felix’s wontons

Felix didn’t want to see me left out when he made wontons for an event last night, so he invited me around to pick some up this afternoon which I plan to take around to DnD to share with them tonight. Unfortunately they cancel and so other plans must be put in place for the wontons instead. I should be able to take them along to the Thursday lunch tomorrow so that they can be added to what’s on offer there.