This morning a detailed discussion occurred with useful computer programs and tips, and the book group meeting details are here.

Programs and sites

After lunch at the community centre I held a very useful teaching/training session with Henry there today, where he came up with different things that he wanted to find out more about, and different aspects of things were demo’d for him there.

  •, and how to use its filters to narrow down a range of NZ products to the right one for you
  • Replacing winrar with 7-Zip
  • The benefits of using to automatically install a wide range of programs for you
  • The differences between OpenOffice, the paid StarOffice, and how OpenOffice developers jumped ship to LibreOffice
  • Downloading youtube videos with and using jDownloader for more complex downloads
  • Using virtual machines with VirtualBox and how you can keep one put aside and clone off different versions as you need them
  • Programming with Python and how books like Head First Python make it easy and engaging to learn
  • Using to search a wide range of torrent sites, the setting up of µTorrent, and the difference between torrent files and magnet links
  • Ebook management and conversion with Calibre, and using MobiPocketReader to easily read them on your computer

All in all, it was general it was a very helpful collage of useful tips and tricks being passed over to him.

Book group

Tonight the book group was held up in Avonhead, where a vast number of good reads (no pun intended) were discussed.

And not to forget, Tampa – the group read that’s planned to be discussed at the October meeting.