Today Kindle troubles are resolved, the printer now works, procrastination is beaten, and we try a game called Gloom.

Kindle PDF’s

I’ve been working through some nice details with Calibre to help someone resolve PDF issues with the Kindle today.

The Kindle has a hard time when it comes to dealing with PDF files. The text tends to be very small, and it doesn’t seem to be possible to embiggen things. So Finding and replacing those PDFs with more appropriate files is the best solution to this. With Calibre, you can search for books that are on the Kindle device that are also PDF files with:

ondevice:true and type:pdf

After which you can then convert them on the computer to mobi format, and after they’ve been converted we can specifically copy those mobi files to to the device by using the ‘send specific format to” option to send just the mobi format, after which the PDF’s can be happily removed.

Printer issues on Vista

This morning was mostly spent with removing all that the donated Vista computer knew about the printer, and attempting to reinstall the software drivers, but still to no avail. It’s a sick computer that also hasn’t had the audio working since we received it, and also cannot currently detect and talk with USB sticks. so it’s time to take drastic action by reinstalling windows completely from the recovery disk.

After using the Easy Transfer Wizard to save off what little there is of the documents and settings, it was small enough to be uploaded, and the recovery disk was used to completely wipe the machine and restore it back to the a factory default installation, as it would be on the shelf.

While downloading and installing the service packs, the printer drivers were installed and everything works, including the volume! So it’s just a matter now of setting up the computer again. This time though it’s a lot easier.

PCDecrapifier was used to remove most of the junk that comes with a new computer, was used to easily install Chrome, VLC, K-Lite codecs, Java, .NET, Shockwave, 7-Zip, Paint.NET, LibreOffice and Avast, and while sitting back waiting for all the above to finish installing, the documents and settings could then be downloaded so that the Easy Transfer Wizard can restore the documents and settings, and we’re all good to go.

Preventing procrastination

Yesterday I got in touch with a friend at SitePoint, admitting that I have been procrastinating for the past week for xyz reasons, but for no longer! Just the act of admitting that was vital, for it enabled me to also tell him what I will be doing to resolve the reasons for procrastinating.

Today I buckled down while the above installation occurred and got to work with finishing up the solution to a coding challenge we had set people, and wrote up a nuts and bolts explanation taking people through the details and reasons why certain choices and decisions have occurred.

Games night

It was over to Lisa and Peter’s place up in Casebrook again this week for games night. We had two sets of Perudo there today so attempted a super-large game of it with 10 people playing at once. While initially interesting, we found though that you would often spend several turns without taking part due to the sheer numbers of people, and fatigue began to set in when we were just half-way through. It’s the sort of game that’s great as a 20 minute game, but going 45 minutes becomes a marathon.

Afterwards most of us moved on to play Shadow Hunters which still continues to to be an intriguing game of attempting to figure out who people are, and attempting to find out who your allies are before your opponents do.

We finished off with a story-telling game called Gloom with a morbid sense of humour, where we assume control over the fate of a eccentric family of misfits. The aim of the game is for them to suffer the greatest tragedies possible and to pass on under more tragic circumstances than the other players. The mechanic of this game are transparent cards with positive or negative points that we can overlay on top of our own characters or those of other players. When played, we try and form a coherent story for the character about the fate that has befallen them. TableTop have a good playthrough of the game (video), that demonstrates very well how things are played.