iOS 7 update for iPad delaying things, a new DnD campaign begins, and we found that The War of the Roses was highly enjoyable.

iOS 7 update

I was getting ready this morning for a Saturday afternoon DnD campaign up in Redwood, and with a 12pm pick-up ride coming for me I planned to take my iPad with me so that i4e could be used to easily manage my character.

At 11:30 shortly before their arrival, I saw my iPad had the iOS 7 update ready to go. “That would be nice to have, how long could it take?”, I thought and went forth with it. When my ride arrived at five to 12 the update was still going. Fortunately, it finished right at 12 on the dot so I was ready to go.

DnD afternoon

That afternoon was a busy time creating a new character off the cuff. Thanks to finding out that they were lacking someone in sneak and lockpicking skills, it was a fairly easy choice to go with a Halfling Rogue. They had just recently started and leveled up to level 2, so while they continued with their campaign I was busy getting details of my character ready, and when ready my character Garret found them as they were in need of some help.

DVD night

Tonight was a showing of The War of the Roses (1989) at Troy’s place in Spreydon, and while there were initially few people there to start with, the 22 who signed up resulted in around 12 of us enjoying the evening.

The movie is a story within a story, where Gavin (Danny Devito) is a lawyer explaining to a potential client about the wild relationship and crazy divorce proceedings that occurred between Oliver and Barbara Rose (Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner) where a battle over the home results in them both living in the same house, but separate, and the crazy escalations that take place.

After the movie questions were raised about other good 80’s films, so as Rotten Tomatoes provides movie ratings per year, but that’s only per each year. So thanks to using regular expressions, combining the results from 10 years together required just a tiny amount of processing to gather together those results and organise them by rating, so we now have a text file of their list of 1980s top movies from which to pick for other good evenings.