Northlands survey on how I feel about different brands, Iron Man 3 heats up, and The Croods is successful.

While over at Northlands picking up some speciality bread for the evening, I came across someone from the meetup group who passed on to me that some surveys were being done near Countdown where they give you $$$ for participating in a survey, so on my way out I go past there to find out more.

The survey ended up being about an hour in length and was all about brand recognition, what brands you own of which type, and how you feel about different aspects of those brands. I had a great time for when they were after a numeric response about how I felt about things, I ended up regaling them with tales about how Huawei is spying for China, and that with many types of products I do not have a preferred brand because I prefer to reserve my judgement until after I’ve performed some market research near the time to purchase.

With Apple products too I have a love/hate relationship with them, because for tablets would be my first first choice due to being locked in to their eco-system but for cellphones, they would be among my last choice due to the ongoing maintenance cost of a phone plan, so how can I boil that down to just a single number without much more context?

During some of the page numbers were written down for later reference – which no doubt was so that she could go back and fill in her own choice for things like my preferred brand. At the end of things I received a $20 countdown gift card which is somewhat fair in exchange.

DVD movies

Iron Man 3

Today things got hot and heavy with Iron Man 3 (2013). Tony Stark is having PTSD issues due to what occurred to him in The Avengers, and a brushed off botanist working on human DNA regrowth has now come back with an old business partner, someone who seems to be a terrorist leader called the Mandarin is taking responsibility for several bombings. It’s all connected, and comes together nicely towards the end of things.

And what with how the movie ends, it has us wondering about where the Iron Man franchise can be taken now when the Avengers 2 movie is made.

The Croods

The Croods (2013) was a good story about a stone-age family who are living in a cave, or more appropriately hiding. Their daughter is a bit of a wild one and when she comes across a boy with fire, tensions rise as her father tries to prevent trouble, the boys new ideas are a threat. An earthquake destroys their home though and when they’re in a new but strange environment, they have little help but to accept the boy’s help and ideas to help them survive.

While it’s tempting to think of this as a girl meets boy movie, that’s just the first half of the movie. It’s not really about her though because she doesn’t change or grow emotionally throughout. Instead, it’s the father who the journey is about, and his arc throughout he later part of the movie means that the second half of the movie is much more about his growth.

All in all though even though the pacing was was poorly croodly executed, it ended well and results in an enjoyable movie.