Drop-in issues resolved by calling it community instead, bi-directional issues, and helping to setup an Android.

Drop-in or community centre?

At this morning’s Monday meeting we managed to nicely clarify things about the status of 468 Worcester Street. On Friday there was some conflict because someone from the art gallery was telling others to head down to the drop-in centre at 468 Worcester Street. The problem though is that we are not an official drop-in centre. The person raised this during the meeting for further clarification on the issue, and while we can and do help out with people, there are no official counselling services here so instead calling us a Community Centre is the best course of action.

Handling bi-directional issues

We have someone new joining our pub quiz team, who couldn’t find us last week and instead joined the team that won the bonus jackpot prize. He found is this week and was telling us that he worked at Microsoft for 8 years on Powerpoint. One of the more interesting things he dealt with was dealing with bidirectional text, where right-to-left languages tend to cause strange issues. One of the strange things is that even though the text is right to left, the numbers are not and creating text editors that correctly handle such things well can be challenging.

Felix’s Android

After the pub quiz it was off to Felix’s place to help him out with an A13-MID Android tablet and to help resolve some printer issues. The tablet was initially obtained when visiting family in Malaysia, and due to the manual being less than useful it’s always helpful for some assistance to occur when setting it up. I’m not sure about how much benefit he’ll find from it though, so depending on how he feels about things I’ll be tempted to make him an offer. An Android device would be helpful to use for testing when attempting to develop some programs. it’s not as if there’s any lack of decent alternatives though, for pricespy.co.nz shows that a decent brand new Android tablet can be obtained for around $100 – so I’ll be good to put a bit aside and prepare for what the future may bring.