Milkdrop for Foobar2000 music player, business meeting plans change, and Half Life 2 is being played by Day[9].

Foobar2000 visualisations

With the Foobar2000 music player at the community centre, I did have a spectrograph showing so that it uses nice colors when playing, but I really wanted a nicer visual to be used instead. This is where visualisations come in. Winamp have a wonderful collection of them that others have developed, including the fabulous Milkdrop visualisation. And happily, there are instructions on how to have Foobar2000 use Winamp’s Milkdrop visualisation and others too.
I’m not keen on using Winamp itself because it’s a bloated piece of software, so setting up Foobar2000 to use the Milk Drop visualisation makes for a very pretty interface now there indeed.

vortex 2 033

Business meeting postponed

Plans for tomorrow afternoon’s meeting at Christine Products are out the window. It was originally going to be for 2 PM and I had plans to go and see Felix afterwards, but when the meeting was pushed to 3 PM it just wasn’t feasible. The visit to the factory would flow over on to other commitments that I already have, so things had to be postponed at Christine Products until perhaps Friday. I’ve let John know that I can do things from 2 PM each day due to other commitments, so we’ll where things go from there.

Starcraft commentator playing HalfLife 2

I was heading out to the Christchurch Go Club tonight and since it starts at 7:30 PM and I have some meds for the next fortnight that need to be taken at 7:15 PM with food, I was planning to grab a bite to eat just before I get there. Sadly though I left the meds at home, so it was back home again and no playing Go for me on this night. Instead, when I got back it was a good chance to catch up with Day[9] who normally does high-level Starcraft strategy videos and commentary, but on this occasion was doing his first playthrough of HalfLife 2. One of the nice things parts was when he commented that after having played the Last Of Us with a controller, that he found the mouse to aim and shoot in Half Life 2 to be incredibly more effective. This is something that tends to come as a no-brainer to dedicated PC gaming fans, but it’s great that such knowledge is filtering through to the console generation too.