Repairs take place on the iPad, the food co-op wants me to organise disbursements, and Sightseers is a sardonic look at class resentment.

iPad repairs

This morning I was going to bike up to Mount Pleasant to deliver my iPad for repairs, but the rainy weather resulted in different plans. The tablet became damaged due to insufficient protection. It’s protective cover has become broken on a few corners so it can slip out when jostled. When in the scooter while travelling, It fell down the side of the scooter and going over a few bumps resulted in the damage. It’s kind of stupid really – I don’t want to buy a new cover for it because it’s being sold off soon, and yet the repairs are mounting up to the point where no money will be made from the sale. But at least, the person it’s being sold to will benefit from things.

My plans to take it to Mount Pleasant for repairs changed because I didn’t relish the idea of taking my scooter up there in the rain, so instead I left it near a service station and caught the bus up there instead. It’s a wonderful bus service that we now run here for I only had a minute to wait for it, and when it reached the end of its journey I was able to deliver the tablet for repairs and return to catch the same bus back down again. It’s just a shame that the bus prices will be going up at the end of the month.

Changes at food co-op

I was asked today that given my skills with computers that must mean that I can at least count to 2. Jokingly I replied that counting to 2 is vital when playing the game of Go, for you should not create two weak groups or you will be easily attacked, and that two eyes are vital for the formation of a strong alive group, which is how I became involved in managing the counts of the food parcels and ensuring that correct disbursement of them goes out to different organisations.

iPad sale delayed

My sale of the iPad has been delayed due to the planned funds from the person having been spent, but plans are underway for the $350 to come from them week by week before a month is up. I suspect that finding out that my tablet is being sold on Trademe regularly for $550 have helped to spur them on towards making realistic progress. After all, the new iPad is planned to be released in about 3 weeks time, and should be available here in New Zealand come the end of October.


Tonight we saw Sightseers (2012) at Lisa’s place in Parklands. It was a strange British caravan-trip movie with a sardonic humour about a Chris and Tina who have recently hooked up, and end up becoming  mass murderers. It all starts out so innocently too with plans to travel and see all of the local sights. At their first stop about historic trams, a boorish lout litters on the tram by dropping his cornetto wrapper on the tram and not caring about it when this is pointed out. This upsets Chris quite badly, so when leaving the spots his opportunity as the guy is passing behind them, and rears the caravan over him.

As they continue on their trip a lot of things grate resentfully on Chris, but they are proper English attitudes that give him motive such as not flaunting your own good fortune. Tina partakes in her own string of murders but for seemingly less honorable reasons. She’s wanting to join Chris in his deeds, but misunderstands the reasoning behind what Chris is doing.

Overall it’s an intriguing take on class resentment, and makes for thoughtful fodder int he run-up towards the groups own sightseeing trip to Hokitika.