Blood tests need further confirmation, conflicts with John and databases, and the movie group goes to enjoy Rush,


The clinical studies place got in touch with me yesterday. My recent blood test shows elevated levels indicating jaundice so they want me back in there this morning for some follow-up blood tests. Hopefully that will confirm how things are going, but if they are confirmed, I will want to find out more about what may be done to help mitigate any factors involved.


Around at John’s, I find that he’s made an appointment for the both of us at Christine Products at 9:30am tomorrow, which is just wrong since I’ve advised him on several occasions that I have commitments between at least 10 and 2 each day. We’ve had a few different timing issues as of late, so if he’s intending to play silly games then I’m just not going to play. He’s got in touch with them now to make arrangements for later on that suit us better.

On a slightly more interesting side of things, he’s taken me through some issues that Windows 8 is giving him with his program. One for example is where when compiled with Harbour, the program fails to work because it can’t find a database file. He’s storing database names in fixed-width database fields and then attempting to use those names later on, resulting in the computer trying to find “cat     .dbf”. Such filename references work so much better when those unintended spaces aren’t there to confuse things. I strongly doubt though that other issues will be as easy to resolve, for which I’ve requested that he email me with details on how to experience these situations so that I may take a good look at them.

Rush movie

The movie group went along to Rush (2013) tonight which was an excellent recreation of the 1970’s rivalry between James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth) and Nikki Lauda (Daniel Brühl). The movie is a fire and ice character study of these very different people, James who is a British playboy who plays the sexy scoundrel well but knows that it means little when it comes to the track, and Nikki the by-the-book Austrian who is blunt and unapologetic about it. We’re taken through their beginnings from Formula 3, and in to their rivalry with Formula 1 through to its rain-soaked conclusion near Japan’s Mount Fuji.

Even though this is Chris’ story about his rise and contest with Nikki before retiring shortly after, I found that Nikki’s part of the story was highly enjoyable too and helps to nicely round everything out.