Seeing to why Nicky’s screen is having trouble, obtaining some games for Felix to try out, and enjoying the latest Riddick flick.

Cabling games

Last night I found out that the plans for the Saturday afternoon DnD session are being put on hold due to the DM recovering from a minor operation, and so it was around to Nicky’s instead to see what might be done about her computer issues. When connecting the screen to the computer’s graphics card, the screen shows “no input”. It may be the graphics card that’s at fault, or it could just be defaulting to the other one for some reason. Either way, because no other screen cable is available there I’ll have to head back on some other day with a suitable cable.

When she heard that Felix put out a request for Scrabble earlier on and is now looking for a decent Mahjong computer game, she had a real game of Mahjong sitting around just waiting for such an opportunity, along with Monopoly and Carcassonne. I think I’ll buy that Carcassonne from her, and see how Felix feels about the other two on Monday.


Tonight it was off to the movies to enjoy Riddick (2013), which needs to be approached with a certain level of apprehension. With a budget of just 38 million dollars, it can’t come near to the production values of more expensive movies, but what they’ve done on that limited budget has resulted in an enjoyable reset of the clock. Riddick after being double-crossed ends up stranded on a hostile planet surviving against the wild elements, and then when the near future promises to be lethal for him, activating  a bounty station beacon to get a ship – but things don’t always go as planned.

It’s hard to improve on the other movies, but none-the-less is still an enjoyable return to the style of the first Riddick movie, Pitch Black.