The launch of This Week in JavaScript, small business course takes off, newsletters, and Go club hubris results in defensive play.

This Week in JavaScript

Tag-teaming with Pullo from the Sitepoint forums, I have started a This Week in JavaScript news piece to help expose people to some of the new and interesting things that are happening with it. Because we’re doing it as one week on, the other week off, it should be easy for us to maintain momentum on this, and if either of us can’t make it for a week then there will be someone else to take over too. Hopefully this is something that we can encourage to spread to other busy forums on the site too, such as the PHP and CSS forums.

Small business course

The small business course began today and will continue each Tuesday for the next month. Lots of good details were gone through, and I’ll have to find some time to write-up some 6 copious pages of notes from just that first session.

Ond one of the more insightful pieces was about how doing a personal budget allows us to fill in a Profit & Loss sheet from the bottom up, working from the money that we need each year up through to the amount of goods or services that we would need to supply, and eventually ending up at the top with the amount of business income that would be required.

Going from the bottom up is an interesting approach that has good useful applications elsewhere too, but is something that shouldn’t be done when starting a business. The typical way that people start a small business is to first sell a product or two as a good idea, then when it takes off they have to work through the whole process of ideas/opportunities, planning, and start-up, which really should be taken from a top-down approach.

Community centre

When I returned to the community centre afterwards, the newsletters here ready to be folded and prepped for distribution. It went fast too, mostly due to my not folding but was instead gathering from others and organising them into different distributions for each street. We’re all ready now for others to come by and help out with delivering them to all of the locals. I’ll give a few people a call tomorrow to get things going.

Christchurch Go Club

Felix was able to bring Nicky over to tonight’s Go club, which was an interesting change with her presence there. When Pagan is attempting to concentrate on his game while she’s nattering away to others, the expressions on his face are priceless,

Tonight when playing against a regular, hubris was my enemy. He’s nearly at the same level as me and I overplayed by overplaying and attempting to stretch too far.

Shortly after though when playing against a stronger and younger player I was playing more defensive which resulted in some ko fights going my way. Later on when we were both trying to surround and capture large groups of the other person that were not yet unconditionally alive, I ended up coming out ahead due in part to the earlier defensive play that I had been doing.