Spring cleaning has me out of sorts, pathing problems with DataTech, and catching up with The Daily Show about the government shut down.

Spring cleaning the elderly

This morning I would normally be heading in to St Chads to help with the food co-op, but today is the one day of the year where Te Whare Roimata helps the elderly with spring cleaning tasks, so Chris and others aren’t available for normal duties today. As I’m looking after the community centre I can’t help with the food co-op either, but we do at least have someone else that we’ve organised to go and pick up the food parcels.

I do feel guilty though about leaving St Chads in the lurch without any details about what’s going on, so I stop past at 9 AM to share with them details of the situation, only to find that the doors are locked and nobody in, so it looks like It’ll be next week when they get to find out details of what occurred.

Pathing problems

Over at John’s in New Brighton, he was taking me through some changes to his DataTech program for Christine Products, but it’s still heavily in development so it won’t be getting deployed for some time yet.

Other issues that he brought up such as the program failing in Windows 8 when trying to save a file, were due to the \text\ folder he was trying to use not existing on his Windows 8 machine, so it’s a simple matter of creating ┬áthat folder. His program it going to want to check if a drive or directory exists before trying to save something there, which is something I could get to work on tomorrow.

Games night cancelled

Tonight’s entertainment at Martin & Emma’s is off for this week, so it was a good opportunity to catch up on some episodes of The Daily Show. Last I saw they were covering the imminent shut down of parts of the US government, so their coverage of the actual shut down looks like it will be interesting to behold.