A new USB stick with a difference, Carcassonne gathers attention, Christine Products improves backups, and Gravity is a tour de force.

Pink USB stick

It was time to get a new and improved USB stick, so I stopped by Warehouse Stationary on the way in this morning to pick one up. New USB stick, which is closest in terms of shade to a fandango pink. My older USB stick was to be called Paul’s bits and joked at how the bits of my stick were in your machine – so it’s only right that this new one now be called Paul’s pink bits. At least it’s not a hot-pink color for then it would be my hot pink bits, which would just be wrong 😕


Lunch at the community centre allowed me to introduce Carcassonne to several people, and even Jenny the Te Whare Roimata manager took an interest, asking if she can come in tomorrow to try it out herself. There were a few good games of it held here, and clarification of some of the rules occurred, such as no two followers can claim the same thing, but if clever play results in them sharing, then only the person (or people) with the most followers will claim points for it.

Christine Products

It was in to Christine Products today to help get their backup situation sorted out. The challenge they were facing was that the compressed files could not be emailed, due to the zip file being examined to find the exe file in there. So, using 7-zip to create 7z compressed files instead has resulted in a workable solution. If later advances result in further issues, then just the data files can be backed up instead. It’s being backed up to three different places, one being off-site, so they should be safe regardless of what occurs now.


This evening the movie group made arrangements at The Palms to have the back row set aside for us, so that we could arrive and book our seat with the theatre when we arrived.

Gravity is a tour de force for Sandra Bullock. Only afterwards did I learn that it was directed by Alfonso Cuarón who’s previous movie was Children of Men. Thanks to the beauty of space, Gravity is not as bleak as his previous movie, and uncut takes such as the first 13 minutes are effortlessly achieved without any pacing problems or technical troubles to take you out of the scene.

The movie is about engineer Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) on her first mission, and Matt Kowolski (George Clooney) who’s seen it all and is on his last mission. Matt helps early on to lift the mood while the Hubble telescope is being repaired, which is a well needed lift for things go badly wrong when a Russian satellite destructs with a rain of debris and destruction lying in its wake.

The challenges of survival in space along with its stark beauty results in comparisons using terms such as grandeur and majestic, but such words are just too insignificant in their earthly usage to be applied to a movie such as this.