I obtain Cheesemonger gift vouchers, learn about AliExpress.com at Parkland library, and three-player gaming with Felix and Nicky.


This morning was spent being out and about organising a Canterbury Cheesemonger gift voucher for my mother’s upcoming birthday, and posting it out with a suitable birthday card so that it gets out to Oxford in time before her birthday. Once posted though I saw that the Eastgate post is not collected on Saturday! It’s only Monday to Friday that they collect the post. So hopefully the Monday pickup will get it out there for her by Wednesday. If not – my blog will help provide evidentiary proof should a coroners inquest be needed. 😀

DnD at Parklands library

I didn’t have my iPad with me today which is what I use to manage my character, and when I expressed concern about how its plastic shell has lost its grip on the corners and the cost of replacing it, I found out about AliExpress which has very cheap rates for iPad cases and all other electronic-related gear – most with free shipping too.

Because Andrew lives just nearby, he has kindly offered to stop by and pick me up when we head out to the Parklands library for a Saturday afternoon DnD session, and it was time for me to break out the pencil and paper.

While I’m liking the adventuring party that I’m with and the Halfling rogue character of mine, I’m not sure though that the campaign is being run all that well by the DM (dungeon master). It could just be because he’s new at it, so we’ll see how things go over the upcoming month.

I’ve learned from him though though that more resources are allowed to be used when creating our character than just the Player’s Handbook, so I’ll be revisiting the creation of my character at some stage this week to help buff up some of his abilities.

Board Games with Felix

Felix also got in touch about wanting to do some board gaming, so I went around in the latter part of the afternoon and found out from Nicky that she’s interested too.


While waiting to pick her up at 6, Felix and I had a good go at the NA edition of Monopoly, but due to him making some bad rolls things went more my way than his. I’m looking forward to when I start losing at Monopoly, for that will make for a more interesting struggle with the game.


After Felix collected Nicky and Felix and I decided that Monopoly had run its course, we started off with an enjoyable 3-player game of Carcassonne and thanks to an excellent clarification of the Carcassonne rules we had a good game that everyone enjoyed.


With Scrabble though Felix didn’t do quite as well, but it was still a nicely challenging game. It helps though to clarify what type of words are allowed though, and fortunately the manual gives a good summary of what’s not allowed such as named, or abbreviations or acronyms. Although, it does make you feel quite bad when a losing player gets some of his ideas knocked down due to such rules, because it’s tempting to weaken in the face of such challenges. Only afterwards did I realise that offering to provide help in finding words for them might be a welcome improvement to things.


Next we game a first try at playing 3-player Mahjong, and found the instructions that came with the game to be quite difficult to understand. Perhaps it was due to being translated from some other language, but despite that we persevered and managed to struggle on through the play of the game, keeping the 4th player in the game and according to the instructions, taking turns at picking a tile for the 4th player and discarding some other random one from their set.

Only afterwards did I think to find rules from off the internet – the Mahjong Wiki has a good Beginners Guide for Mahjong that will be of great help when our next game occurs, and we also have some good instructions on how to play three-player Mahjong – so those are going to get printed out and put aside for the next occasion.


Lastly we finished up by popular consensus with another game of Carcassonne, and we’ve come to a good consensus on organising things now. When placing the initial river tiles we can place followers on parts of those tiles, except for on the river itself, and moving the tiles is okay to do while the initial river is forming, but from that point on there is no more moving of the tiles, so the edge of the table becomes the end of the world – which helps to provide further strategy to the game. Felix was also happy to find that he had managed to come out ahead of Nicky when the scores were totalled up.

So all in all, it was a very successful gaming event, given that it was the first time that the three of us have done this, and plans are for further such occasions to occur.