Change-giving confusion to a service station attendant, the final of Breaking Bad, and enjoying the Dark Skies movie and a fanedit of Dune.

Giving change

Yesterday I made arrangements for a new bank card due to the existing one starting to have trouble being recognised when swiped, which has resulted in a week of being without a back card and needing to perform manual cash transactions. Normally that’s not a problem, but this morning at the service station things were different.

It was $5.17 to fill up the bike and I just had some $20’s with me and thanks to basic math, realised that with $5.17 i would get from $20 a $10, and change of $2 + $1 + 50c + 20c + 10c and while that sequential nature would make someone like Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory very happy, I wasn’t happy about having all that change jangling about in my pocket. As a result, I payed $21 on the $5.17 so that I could get $15.80 in change instead. I could though from the way that he behaved that maths was not his strong suit, or even weak suit, and he was suspicious that my $21 was some kind of backdoor to their system that may allow me to get more money from the till than I deserved. The poor guy – if it was just a $20 then there would have been no problem, but $21 raised all sorts of alarm bells for him. He entered it in with great suspicion, spent some time trying to verify the amount of change his computer told him to give, and when he quite clearly couldn’t do that he reluctantly handed out the change one piece at a time, trying to add up their total so that he could be sure that the coins totalled the 80c in change.

Maybe it was because he had no foundation in the basics of math, maybe it was because I spared him the pain of explaining the reasoning behind my decision, I don’t know – but it was certainly entertaining to behold, and wish him well on his future change-giving endeavours. I’m looking forward to my return back to cashless transactions when the new card arrives.

DVD’s & Movies

Today we caught up with the final of Breaking Bad, and the movies that we saw were Dark Skies and a fan-edit of Dune.

Breaking Bad

With the final of Breaking Bad, I really should be considerate about spoilers so it’s up to you whether you follow the link to a plot summary of the events that take place. There wasn’t any other way they could have ended things really, and the only disappointment really was in how Jesse pussied out of things at the end. But overall, it was a very well done conclusion to the series.

Dark Skies

Dark Skies (2013) is a horror about financially struggling suburban family who are trying to rationally understand poltergeist activity that take place around them and is affecting their kids. Their enemies aren’t just the strange events that occur though, for there are concerned neighbours and child-protective services who also make things more stressful for them as they try to come to grips with events. It’s a story that’s about more than just the supernatural though – it’s about the fragility of a family, and how precious it is to try and maintain it.

The Alternative Edition Redux of Dune

The last movie we saw was a fanedit of Dune (1984) called Dune: The Alternative Edition Redux (2012) which reworks the movie in many beneficial ways to make it more enjoyable and easier to follow. New scenes have been introduced from extended cuts and deleted scenes, content has been moved around, large amounts of voice-overs have been removed, and a vast amount of other work has occurred resulting in the most definitive movie version of Dune.