I make plans to host Friday night board games at the community centre, and the pub quiz can’t be attended by some people.

Friday boardgames

At the weekly catchup meeting, plans to make arrangements for a Friday night board games evening at the community centre went well. First I brought up that one of them was talking about ways of bring more money and people in to the community centre, and that when I had been going around some of these events on Friday that others had been desiring a more central location instead of heading out to Halswell or up to Casebrook.

While it’s okay with me because I have someone else transporting me out to them, it would be good to help others as well, so we’re going to see how things go with using the centre to host such events.

Pub quiz

The pub quiz that Nicky and Felix were going to attend has had to be postponed, due to Felix having to get paperwork done for a course that he’s taking throughout the school year. Its a shame, and without another form of transport she’ll just have to wait until something else turns up.