A clinical trial comes to an end, small business training occurs, and Dan-level go players explain the reasoning behind their moves.

Clinical trial ends meds

The clinical trial that I was on to treat Hepatitis C has come to an end of the medication last night, which consisted of a combination pill of Sofosbuvir and Ledipasvir along with 3 ribivirin pills in the morning with food, and 3 more at night. This morning I was in at the clinical trial for an end of treatment checkup, and it just-so-happened to be a more thorough checkup than the usual 5 minutes resting before blood pressure and blood samples, and I had a small business course that I was going to attend at 9:15 AM. Great.

At 8 AM I arrived and explained my timing trouble, and the nurses kindly helped out and we pushed things through so that the following could all be tested in good time:

  • weight
  • 5 minutes rest before blood pressure
  • 5 minutes rest before ECG
  • blood samples
  • doctors checkup examination
  • across to Hagley Outpatients for a fibroscan

We were all done by 9, so I was able to get out of there and be on time to the course, which worked out nicely.

The fibroscan results were amazingly good too. Last year I had a liver stiffness of 12, 3 months ago it was 9, and now today the stiffness is down to 4.1 which are impressive results indeed! According to this correlation chart means that I went from quite bad to medium risk, and have since gone off the chart in the healthy direction.

Fibroscan correlation chart

Fibroscan correlation chart – I’m now at 4.1

Source: http://hepcbc.ca/fibroscan-alternative-to-biopsy/

Now we play the waiting game, and see over the next few months whether the treatment takes, and remains effective.

Small business course

Today at the small business course we were working through aspects of business records, what to keep, how to store them, dealing with petty cash issues, tracking vehicle expenses and logbook issues, accident reports, the sales of goods act, the various types of cashbook journals, the importance of (even inaccurate) budgets, and finished off with some cashbook exercises.

Most interesting is when I learned that business partners share equal financial responsibility when things go tits up, which has me incredibly grateful that I did not a few months ago go blindly in to a New Brighton proposed business partnership.

Go for a change of plans

After the course and stopping in to finish the day at the community centre, I did had plans to head off to the other side of town to a programming lecture on automated test builds, followed by an evening at the Go club – but on getting home for dinner I realised that I’ve been leaping in and out of wet motorcycle gear at least 5 times already that day, and just couldn’t face several more occasions of it in one day.

As a result, it was a time to catch up with some podcasts and videos such as Nick Sibicky’s Go lecture with a Dan-level showdown between him and another Dan-level player, where they play through a game explaining the reason and rationale behind many of the decisions that they make.