Attempts to retrieve my iPad are thus-far unsuccessful, and the Linwood community centre hosts an evening of board games.

iPad retrieval delay

After a business meeting at Christine Products, it was off to Mount Pleasant to pick up my iPad with a brand new screen. Before getting there though the petrol tank was running on empty, and even though I was heading uphill with a good downhill route to the bottom should I run out, it was prudent to fill up none-the-less and ensure a more successful run at things.

I was on Humphries Drive about to approach the climb when I realised this, and the Shell station at Ferrymead no longer exists, so it was backtracking down Ferry Road past dead and disused petrol stations until eventually gold is struck, and back we go, up the Mount Pleasant hill to retrieve the iPad.

On eventually getting to the top at Rockview Place I buzz, knock, and wait several times, only to find that nobody’s home. With builders next door giving me puzzled looks, it was time to head off home, lick my wounds, and figure out what went wrong. Apparently he’s sent me an email earlier on, saying that he had to head off to attend to something so I won’t be able to pick it up until later. Nuts.

Hosting board games

This evening I was hosting board games at the Linwood community centre and it was a good success. We had about 12 people there enjoying games that they and others had brought around, which included my own Carcassonne and:

  • Category 5 – a simple but enjoyable starter card game where you pick in secret a hurricane from your hand, everybody reveals, and they’re placed down in numerical order on to decks on the table. Anyone who busts over 5 cards on the decks has to take them all. The winner has the lowest points.
  • Flash Point – a beautiful-looking board game where the house is on fire and you co-op play to rescue people and pets from there before fire causes the building to collapse
  • Clippers – a game similar to Ticket to Ride, but set in an ocean setting
  • Game of Thrones – a highly complex game that lovers of the tv series would have a better time enjoying, where you place different types of actions for troops of your house, and try to gain a majority of control over Westeros
  • The Resistance – an enjoyable game of figuring out who the spy(s) are within your team, before they manage to fail too many missions
  • Munchkin – a crazy card game of battling dungeons as you try to level your way to the top, while other players attempt to prevent you from getting there ahead of them