My preparations for the afternoon come to naught, the iPad returns, and Felix and I go head to head with Chess and Carcassonne.

Unmet prep

It was a bit of a mad rush this morning as I was out getting some prints sorted out for this afternoons dnd session at the Redwood library. Even though I didn’t yet have my tablet with me, I was going to be all ready with laser-colored power cards and reference material from several manuals for my character.

As it turns out though, we didn’t have a gaming session this afternoon after all. The DM came with some missing reference material, and other players came light too with no laptop or books other ready source of material from which he could obtain needed information, so it was a shorter than usual session today. We became involved with some role-play instead and learned what we could about the situations that we are going to be getting ourselves in to, before things come to a head next week.

The return of the iPad

Given the early end to things this afternoon, I had time up my sleeve with which to head back up to Mount Pleasant and retrieve my iPad – and it’s in tip-top shape! I felt just like Scrat from the Ice Age series of movies when he finally recovers his acorn.

And, despite the annoyance of repairing it, I’ll be able to recoup some of those costs when the new one comes out and the old one gets sold off to a beneficial cause.

Chess and Carcassonne

Invited later on over to Felix’s, we pit our chess skills against each other find that we’re somewhat evenly matched, and we finished up with some games of Carcassonne which he’s enjoying as a low-intensity/high-strategy game and is seriously improving now, to the point where I find that I’m having to make more and more defensive plays. So well done there.