iPad updates occur, managing characters via i4e, watching Sightseers and Starlet dvd’s, and enjoying Mr Pip at a fundraiser.

Many updates

Now that the iPad is back, it’s time to update it with what it’s been missing for the past several weeks.

The dnd character is the biggest of the updates. There are several enhancement bonuses in place for which I need to figure out how they have been arrived at in the character builder, so that they may be applied to the character on the i4e website which is the central base-station from which my character on the tablet will be managed.

It’s a long process requiring detailed work and focussed attention – which is something in which I can enjoyably lose myself to.

DVD movies

Up at Northlands we end up watching Sightseers, and try to watch Starlet, but despite the ongoing theme of small dogs throughout both movies, something more stimulating is desired so we end up catching a few episodes from the last season of The Sopranos too.


I thought at first with Sightseers (2012) when I saw it some weeks ago that the initial death at the Crich Tramway heritage site may have been a spur of the moment occasion, but on a second viewing it’s actually an accidental unintended death that just-so-happens to be with someone that they detest. This event allows them to realise just how easily murder can resolve such conflicts, and is the crossing the threshold moment where class resentment that has been bottled up for much of his life finds sweet resolve by death. from which things spiral out of control.


Starlet (2012) starts off somewhat aimlessly, but that’s symbolic of the types of characters being portrayed here. It’s about an uneasy friendship between a 21-year-old Californian girl on the sleazy side of acting, who finds $10,000 rolled up in  a thermos from an octogenarian’s yard-sale. Not knowing what to do with herself or the money, against several odd refusals from the strange old woman, she strikes up an odd friendship with her. It’s an interesting character study that ends up building to quite the salacious climax.

Mr Pip

later on that evening the Riccarton Hoyts theatre was showing Mr Pip as a fundraising event for Oxfam.

Mr Pip (2013) is a story set in Bougainville island in Papa New Guinea amid copper mining conflict, and and how it affects the village. Mr Watts (Hugh Laurie) is the only white man on the island with a sad presence, and becomes teacher of the children, using Charles DIckens’ novel Great Expectations as a way to help set their minds on things other than the conflict occurring around them. Matilda (Xzannjah Matsi) is the girl through who’s eyes we see most of the events that take place, and her visual imagining of the Great Expectations events as if occurred on their island, helps to provide a brilliantly vibrant contrast.