We win this weeks pub quiz and the trophy remains in Ferrymead, and This Week in JavaScript hopes to bring a community together.

Pub quiz

At tonight’s pub quiz it was a battle between Ferrymead and Bealey Ave – with a trophy going to the location of the team that won first place.

A few people on our team ordered a fish dish, and were finding it trouble to get through to the end of it – they serve so much there. It’s the sort of meal that could easily feed two people, or maybe even three.

Our team won first place tonight! – coming in first equal with Andy’s Angels. Thanks to leaving one of our double-points rounds until the very last round we ended up taking other teams by surprise.

This Week in JavaScript

I’ve recently started putting together a weekly summary called This Week In JavaScript about interesting things that occur in the world of JavaScript. I’m teaming up with someone else on this, so he will be doing next week, then I will the week after. Hopefully this is something that will help to spark discussion, and bring the Sitepoint community somewhat closer together.