I find out more about market research and promotion, code without a parachute, and figure out some favourite games.

Market research

This week at the small business course we went through all sorts of matters on market research and promotion:

  • a history of supply and demand
  • how people used to live on past income and now are living on future income
  • Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
  • different types of factors that affect people (geographic, demographic, psychographic, and behavioral)
  • Pareto’s rule, where 20% of customers provide 80% of the income – focus on them
  • marketing tactics
  • promotion, and techniques that small businesses can gain the most from

Coding without a parachute

John with his DataTech program asked me to investigate over 500 areas of code for a problem, and fix them. All without testing, or checking if those changes work properly. Aargh! So I’m documenting this here and in my email to him so that any fallout in relation to it travels up the chain to the informed individual who deliberately chose to deny the testing procedure I was going to perform.

GO club evening

When playing against a much stronger player tonight, I received in rapid succession a major compliment about how I managed to rescue a large group of my stones, preventing them from dying, followed immediately on my next play with a full throated rebuttal thanks to my failing to notice that some of my stones that I was treating as a wall around his own, was actually dead. So close was I to making good and successful play there. Despite that though – I look forward to further games with him.

Board games

We also got on to the topic of games that I would want to purchase at some stage, which include: