Issues with a wireless PCMCIA card, the chest freezer thaws, and a good ending occurs to a DnD battle.

Wireless PCMCIA card

I’ve been trying to resolve issues today with a wireless PCMCIA card in an ancient old laptop has been having issues. It blue-screens frequently when it’s plugged in, and the CPU is at 100% usage due to one of the services the computer is running. Tomorrow I’ll see if there’s much I can do to figure out which particular service is not helping with things.

Unfrozen freezer

It was a bit of a panic at the community centre today – someone had turned off the chest freezer a day or two earlier, and much of the contents had by now mostly thawed. At the bottom we found copious amounts of sloppy red stickiness, which we’re hoping was fruit more than anything else. As a result though, tomorrow’s lunch is going to be quite the special event.

DND night

The Wednesday night DND event is back on in South New Brighton after a month or so of delays. It’s been good to get back in to the swing of things, and with a multi-level battle on a sky galleon, we brought to a an enjoyable end for the night.