I learn some things about a new dnd character, and a Woodend beach social gathering ends up going well.

Dnd afternoon

This afternoon it was a d&d session out at the Parkland library with my halfling rogue, and as the DM is throwing level 4 campaigns at our level 2 characters, we’re having to up our game to deal with things. As an example, we were in a mage’s lair and instead of racing through triggering traps, we checked at closed doors, found pit-traps, and attracted waiting enemies so that they could not attack us, but where we could instead use ranged attacks to range them to death.

So as a result of we’re beginning to find out what our characters are good at. Mine for example is no good at being in the thick of things due to having limited health, but instead is much better on the outskirts of a fight performing ranged attacks, and if things get tricky I can dart in and out again to perform surgical strikes thanks to a hefty bonus against opportunity attacks.

Woodend beach BBQ social

It was out to Woodend tonight for a beach BBQ social, and someone not from our group had their vehicle trapped in the carpark that closes at 7pm, needing to call someone out to release them for a few hundred dollars. It’s either that or stay the night in their vehicle, or have someone come and collect them. I’m not sure what ended up happening with them, but I suspect that if they had still been there a few hours later, that with the number of people who attended that someone would offer to drop them off somewhere in town because that’s only the right thing to do.

Out on the beach we gathered around a guttering candle ┬áthat provided some illumination, and instant grills from the warehouse became quite useful. It’s a rough way of cooking anything and only lasts for around half an hour, but it’s an effective way for one-off situations.

My flashlight failed to work though, but not just because of dead batteries. When opening it up to check them out, they had exploded and leaked all over the place, so it seems that a new torch is going to be needed there.

Towards the end of things after a box of Favourites had been shared around, it was found that providing some wind protection to the candle resulted in better light, so the windward side was blocked by a useful piece of cardboard from the spent Favourites box, much improving the situation there.