I make plans to once again repair the ipad, and the pub quiz has a few surprises for us.

iPad screen – again

Once again the iPad takes a dive, and has a cracked screen once again. It seems that the replacement screens are nowhere near as tough as the original screen, but that could also have something to do with there being no screen protector on there to help distribute the forces, and the case I currently use has a broken corner due to an earlier drop.

After talking with the person who’s planning to buy it, and looking at other tablets that are available out there, she’s decided that she still wants the iPad when it’s been fixed up, and we’re going to get a decent screen protector and case for her from aliexpress.com, something like this 3-piece set. When I have the new iPad and she’s built up enough reserve to pay for the old one, I’ll get the screen repaired then, and when fixed hand it straight over to her so that my fumbling hands don’t end up costing me even more in the process.

Pub quiz

Tonight’s pub quiz had a cryptic clue question beforehand involving the Wizard of New Zealand about how old he is, but none of tonight’s questions had anything to do with that. We were also surprised by a question about what a is toque hat. A canadian in our group said that it’s a kind of beanie, a knitted woolen hat, but that didn’t end up being correct. Later I find out that a toque is a chef’s hat, and that in Canada it really is a term used for a beanie.