A replacement tutor for the small business course, plans to make some music, separating groups of go stones helps you to kill them, and some metal puzzles do the rounds.

Small Business Course delay

Today’s course was somewhat delayed due to Lindsay being in Auckland, so not only did it take some time for Lyndon his replacement to make it, but he had a style that seemed to be much less informative. We did learn on multiple occasions though that he draws up business plans for a living at $3,500 each, which is nearly twice as much as can normally be obtained at $2,000 but he is very good at his job. It’s the same business plan for either price but he has priced himself in to a different sort of market, and due to marketing himself well he has plenty of work. It seemed that it could have been an object lesson to us about pricing practices, but it came off more as someone practising their marketing craft. While no doubt his intentions were well placed, I believe that much more valuable information would be obtained were Lindsey taking the course instead, so am going to try and see if I can retake that module later on.


last week Shirley asked if if I can help with creating some custom music cds for a children’s music & movement, so a meeting was held today to go through some details about the process. Some good details were gone through too, such as what happens when (not if, but when!) damage occurs to the disc so a backup plan is in place for that. Another interesting detail is that the music from different albums can vary in volume quite significantly so does he want their volume to be equalised. They can be made to be the same relative volume to each other, or preferentially because it starts of quietly and has more high-tempo pieces in the middle, it can start off with a suitably lower overall volume and have each song build gradually to a suitable peak before coming down a bit for the last few pieces. Anyway, the details of what he wants are in my satchel, so I’ll bring the laptop in to the community centre tomorrow so that I can work on things.

Go groups

Playing Go against BIll at the Christchurch Go Club tonight he managed to break my stones up in to several disconnected groups, and as the proverb goes – five may live but the sixth will die. I was pushing for too much gain of territory, which made my groups weak and easier to separate, so a balance needs to be achieved there, which also means figuring out when groups are going to be able to be separated too so that steps can be taken to avoid that.


Last week the Hanayama News puzzle was given to one of our younger members to puzzle over.

hanayama news puzzle

All sorts of nearly useful tips were given to help her solve it, such as “To solve it, you need to turn it” or “You’ll notice that some parts of it are lighter than others, as if they’ve been rubbed by something” and she was allowed to take it home with her to continue to puzzle over.

Today, I figured that I would bring my own one in for her to puzzle over.

wire metal puzzle

It seems to be easier to solve, but because the mechanism is fully visible it ends up being even more frustrating. One of the nice things is that it can be easily taken apart right in front of the other person, and due to good hand placement they still don’t know how it was done. They can hold both separate pieces in their hand still without knowing how it was achieved – and to help prevent reverse-engineering of the problem you can connect them back together again so that they’re left with another annoying and challenging puzzle.