A cold keeps me away from the food co-op, and preparations occur for some music compilations.

Prepping for music compilation

I didn’t attend the food co-op packing today as I was still getting over a cold, coughing and spluttering at random intervals, so this morning was instead spent working on to the music wanting to be done for the upcoming event at the art gallery. The albums are all imported and ready to create a compilation, and I find that the list of wanted tracks is still at home in my satchel, right where I put it yesterday.

Preparation can occur instead then. Audacity is a good free audio editor and is all that I should need for the volume levelling task. Because songs on different cd’s can vary quite differently in volume, what I want at the very least is to balance out those differences. If each song can subtly build in a not-quite-noticeable manner as we approach the two-thirds mark of the disc before lowering again towards the end, then so much the better too.

It’s likely to be more difficult than just using a normalize effect, but we’ll see tomorrow what can be done.