I take people’s lunch money, code up some aircraft performance programs, and unsuccessfully attempt to attend a book group.

Lunch money

Due to someone at the art gallery being sick today, I’ve been tasked at the community centre to look after all of the money for the community lunch and the food co-op orders. It’s something that I don’t mind looking after, but going around everyone collecting money from them is a task that is more suitable for a bubbly-headed person. than myself.

Aircraft performance

During the lunch Henry bought up some info about an Aircraft Performance program that he was trying to get going. It seems to have been written in JustBasic and an attempt to get it going wasn’t all that successful. Converting it to JavaScript resulted in code that runs, but the logic of what was being done had some major problems.

Going back to the source, it seems to be a variation of some code found in a book called A Practical Guide to Airplane Performance and Design, so I’ve asked Henry to write up the C source code from that book so that we can give it a try tomorrow. When I got home I did the same thing, and had things working in short time, and with a few refinements to account for command-prompt tab-stops on Windows being 8 instead of 4, things were looking good too.

I’ll do a JavaScript version of this working code tomorrow, and see how things come along when more aircraft are added to the list.

Book group

The book group was on tonight so it was off on my scooter up to Mount Pleasant. A few sections of the road had a grade that caused the poor thing to struggle, and on getting there I find nobody home. It was at Ron’s place, but it’s being done up by EQC right now, and I didn’t receive any info about his new location. So it was down and back home in the face of gale-force winds, where good success was found with the airplane performance code instead.