Further progress is made on an aircraft performance program, and a text editor has a hard time when trying to edit an html file.

Aircraft performance

Today while manning the fort at the local community centre, I’ve been prodding away at the aircraft performance program. It ran well last night as a C program, and so now I’m converting it to JavaScript so that we may benefit from the web-page user interface to help make further development easier to achieve.

Henry came in later on that day where I found he had only entered the first 10 lines of the program, those all being explanatory comments. So he’s been encouraged to make further progress on his side of things.

Text editor troubles

When someone asks me what I did tonight, I can tell them that I spent the whole bloody evening trying to get a text editor to open a simple text file, that happens to contain HTML text. Why is the text editor crashing? A possible solution is to use another text editor but that’s not a good approach as it leaves the problem still there.

Unlocker¬†has been used to find out if anything else has a hold of the file, but nothing does. Other html text files also can’t be opened, so the problem has something to do with how Sublime Text 3 is interpreting those files.

Could it be to do with the older version of the program that’s still here? I attempt to uninstall the old Sublime Text 2 program only to find that some of its files are still loaded and active, so rebooting to complete the uninstallation of a simple program is adding insult to injury.

Could it be something in the user configuration that’s causing trouble? Yes it is. By moving all the config info out, things work. Gradually moving things back in again, I find that the problem lies with a package called Sublime Linter, so removing that and reinstalling it from the sublime linter repository¬†seems to have at last fixed things.