Better performance symbols , building on aircraft relationships, and a positive Ministry of Health meeting.

Air performance relationships

The air performance program has moved up to a development 1.2 version, where the proper visual display of symbols, such as Vs,O and CL,maxF

Other under the hood work that’s being done are to create separate functions to handle the first set of 5 relations for aircraft performance and design:

  1. Lift Coefficient, Airspeed, Wing Loading
  2. Wing Area, Wing Loading, Gross Weight
  3. Wing Area, Effective Span, Effective Aspect Ratio, Effective Chord
  4. Effective Span, Effective Span Loading, Gross Weight
  5. Drag Area, Maximum Level Speed, Available Thrust Horsepower

Further sets of relationships are planned to be worked on next.

Ministry of Health meeting

This afternoon the Hepatitis C Resource Centre had a good meeting with the Ministry of Health about further funding for next year.

One of the interesting aspects that came up, are that the MoH are putting out a request for information about supplying a national service instead of managing several regional ones. We’ve been wanting to expand out to a more national level. When they work out what they’re needing from such a national service, things will get interesting as things ramp up towards their request for providers to provide such a service.