Speciality breads at Northlands result in a change of plans, TV shows of Elementary, Cracker and The Sopranos are enjoyed, and Pacific Rim is given a second enjoyable viewing.

Speciality breads

On Sunday I normally head out to Northlands to pick up a speciality bread to go with the evening meal, but last week I found that Pak n Sav have moved the speciality bread warming cabinet out of the fruit and vege location to instead be beside the self-checkout location.

As I’m not keen on having people standing around coughing all over the bread, I’m going to be instead picking up the bread from the glass-fronted cabinets in their bread isle. Those ones there though are more difficult to check out though due to not having labelled or barcoded bags to indicate what you have.

So, an end result is that the speciality bread is picked up from the bread isle, and another bag is taken from the food warming cabinet area with which to use for scanning purposes. It doesn’t seem to make any sense to do things any other way.

Movies & tv shows

We only got to see one movie today, due to the good range of tv show material that we have been seeing.


The second season of Elementary with Johnny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu has come back for viewing, so we’re saving them up to be seen on Sundays, along with episodes of Cracker and the last season of The Sopranos.

Pacific Rim

The big film that we had for today is Pacific Rim (2013) by Guillermo del Toro. What you would think is the main action of the movie is done away with in the first 10 minutes, leaving us with the downfall and final days to contend with. The characters are enjoyably cheesy, the monsters have an appreciable weight and heft to them, but I’m left with certain questions. Such as, if the rift only opens when the right DNA is scanned, then how on earth can the rescue pods make it back across the rift? Despite issues like that though, it has a charm to it that is easy to enjoy.