Clinical study followup goes well, live updates to the aviation program, and the movie About Time works well in spite of it’s concept.

Clinical study follow up

This morning it was in to the Christchurch clinical studies trust (CCST) place for some follow up tests. I’m currently non-detectable of the virus that afflicted me for the past 36 years, and results are still looking good.

I’ll be heading back there next in 4 weeks for further follow up tests, and hope that the good news remains.

While there too, it was a good time to pick up many petrol vouchers. We receive one petrol voucher for each trip that’s made to the CCST location in compensation for petrol costs, and they’ve been building up for me throughout the study. With my scooter doing 40 kilometres to the litre, they’ll go a long long way.

Live updates, and bringing things together

This afternoon was spent taking the aviation program to version 1.3, where the aviation program is more usable thanks to the aircraft specs being easily changed and adjusted, with the information and charts updating live as you make those changes.

After having gone through the first part of the book, I’ve also realised that putting the formulas in piecemeal is not a good approach. So instead, a new object is being created within which to house the 64 different formulas that the second part of the book takes you through. This way there will be a well defined repository for such things, that can be tapped in to more easily than before.

Movie – About Time

It was off to Riccarton tonight with the movie group to enjoy About Time (2013). Nobody was there shortly before the movie, so maybe they had already gone in as had happened with Mister Pip the last time we were at Riccarton too. But no – it was at Northland instead. Due to being offline all day yesterday I shouldn’t rely on the past patterns of Tuesday movies we’ve viewed. I need to get online more and check such things, or even just my email which went unchecked for the whole day today. So while hoping that the movie group was enjoying the viewing of the film, I nestled in to enjoy this movie.

About Time, is about Tim (Domhnall Gleeson) who learns on his 21st birthday from his father (Bill Nighy) that the men in their family can move back in time, back through their previous experiences to fix problems or to right wrongs. Tim learns over the summer though that you can’t make someone fall in love with you. Later on when he does hit it off with Mary (Rachel McAdams) events transpire so that he has to travel back and miss out on meeting up with her. Rachel McAdams is not unknown as a time-traveller’s wife elsewhere either. After all, she featured in Midnight in Paris as a time-travellers fiancee, and in The Time Traveller’s Wife too.

Tim does manage to connect up with Mary once again though, and we spend several years enjoying events as he learns that his ability has its costs too, such as only being in one place at a time, or that travelling back before a child’s conception can change the type of child you have.

The time-travel aspect of things though seems to be less important overall to the plot, and more of a vehicle in which to explore other concepts, such as how powerless it can feel when you want to fix other people, or the challenges of living in the moment. This comes through when Tim’s dad passes on further knowledge to him, that his secret to using it well is to live each day twice, but to not make any changes on that second day. Instead, to use that second day to recognise things that may have upset you on the first, and to instead look at things slightly differently so that you can enjoy that which previously would have upset you.

And the movie gives us a nice touch too where Tim takes things even further than that and doesn’t travel at all, and instead attempts to apply that perspective shift throughout instead, for this is something that we all can apply in our own lives too.

About Time is one of those movies that works well in spite of its time travel aspect. The concept has its troubles, but the actors are so enjoyable that overall it works well.

I find myself hoping though that a variation to this film occurs, where women reveal a special power of their own to counterbalance the time travel. Something such as one that allows them to see forward in time through different decision points, so that they can wisely pick the most appropriate course of action.